Vionic powered by INTELLO

One instrument, pure discovery for all your electrochemical research

Metrohm Autolab brings you the new generation of electrochemical workstations: Maximum experimental possibilities, intelligent software, and the most complete data.

VIONIC includes as standard, no add-on required:

  • Superior specifications including ± 6 A current, ± 50 V compliance voltage, and EIS up to 10 MHz
  • Selectable Floating allowing you to use any cell you want
  • Dynamic Interface providing experiment status at a glance
  • Second Sense (S2) providing additional data with a second potential measurement
  • Analog Scan measuring processes at the interface accurately

Pure versatility

VIONIC combines the highest specifications in one single instrument:

  • Compliance voltage: ± 50 V
  • Standard current: ± 6 A
  • EIS frequency: up to 10 MHz
  • Sampling interval: down to 1 µs 

Pure efficiency

VIONIC and its INTELLO software are bursting with timesaving features that optimize any workflow:

  • Workflows for both exploratory and routine measurements are available.
  • Main parameters streamline your workflow and allow you to delegate routine measurements.
  • Create your unique procedure with the Procedure Sequence Editor's easy-to-use command tiles.

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Pure safety

Smart hardware and software safety features protect your cell, your lab, and your data:

  • The accessible Cell Button ensures safe handling and troubleshooting
  • Oscillation Protection turns your cell off protecting your sample from damage
  • Cell Isolate protects your sample and your instrument

Would you like to see what VIONIC powered by INTELLO can do for you?