946 Portable VA Analyzer

Determination of heavy metals in water wherever you are!

  • Portable battery-powered analyzer for mercury, arsenic, and copper in water

  • Straightforward operation: predefined methods, semidisposable and disposable sensors, results within several minutes

  • High-quality results suitable for analysis in accordance with WHO guideline values

  • Complete package with all accessories you need to get started

Safeguarding the quality of water for human consumption involves monitoring trace level concentrations of heavy metals, for example arsenic, mercury, and copper.

Such measurements have been routinely performed in the laboratory – mostly for lack of viable alternatives for field use.

Bring the laboratory to the sample!

With the 946 Portable VA Analyzer from Metrohm, there is now such an alternative. A dedicated solution for water analysis, the 946 Portable VA Analyzer enables fast and straightforward determination of trace level concentrations of arsenic, and mercury, and copper in the field with the sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility required to monitor the WHO1 guideline values.